100 of One Jewellery was born on the dusty roads of the Carretera Austral in Patagonia. A life-changing 14-month trip around the world would be the catalyst for turning a lingering daydream into reality for self-taught designer and silversmith, Jana.
With a background in dentistry, Jana is not your typical jewellery designer. However, the deeper she immersed herself into the jewellery making world, the more she came to realise the surprising similarities between the two professions. Jana has been able to bring her meticulous hand skills, attention to detail and strengths in applying method and process from the dental clinic, into the jewellery studio.
100 of One is a 100% Australian small batch, hand crafted jewellery label. Each piece begins and ends in Jana’s hands, at her Wollongong studio. The concept for the label evolved from her own personal philosophy of fashion, which is the thrill that comes from discovering pieces that no-one else has, or has seen before. Jana loves to travel, and always finds joy in discovering beautiful treasures from the far reaches of the globe, that are truly unique and represent art and culture so different from her own.
There will only ever be a maximum of one hundred pieces made of each 100 of One design.
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