24th August 2016

Last week, the 100 of ONE team (of two!) went on a 14 hour long road trip to Adelaide for the inaugural Finders Keepers market. It was a HUGE few days with over 200 amazing Aussie hand crafted small businesses showcasing their talents. 100 of ONE stall favourites included: Terrariums By Bella Tea4twoArt  Honey&Heid and Swanky Socks. It was even more of a treat to pop my Finders Keepers cherry in good old Adelaide, where I spent 8 years of my life studying and working. A huge thank you to those who came to say hello and meet 100 of ONE in the flesh. It made the epic trip even more special. Until next time Finders Keepers...

Thank you @loveatfirstbagel for bringing my stall to life!


Measuring up customer's ear lobes for custom lobe lover earrings! Now that's service!

Home time. And to sleep for a week! Amazingly, zero kangaroos were injured during the 28 hour journey!

Jana xoxo


Welcome everybody!! So nice to have this baby up and running, at last! I never realised HOW LONG THIS WOULD ACTUALLY TAKE! So the success of finally opening our [virtual] doors is even sweeter. What a journey down the rabbit hole! I have learned so many things. Probably the most frustrating thing I've learned is that for every seemingly simple step there are 100 other steps that go before it. But such is life when you are eager and hungry to jump into the unknown. Now I can add 'beginner IT' to my resume, along with a mixed bag of other self taught entrepreneurial small business skills!

Self improvement is everything to me. I would be so grateful for any feedback regarding your 100 of One experience. You can reach me at and I'd be happy to hear your suggestions for improvement.

I would also be so grateful for you to sign up to the mailing list so we can stay in touch. I promise to only contact you [occasionally] with the sweet stuff, like previews of our monthly releases and all important discount codes for upcoming sales!

HUGE thanks to everyone involved in the project:

Photography - @loveatfirstbagel @chelseafisher2
Clothes/Styling - @behatirose
MUA - @sallyannbeauty @ellaandmebeauty
Proof Reading - @inikxx
Biggest Fans - Mum & Dad

Thanks for stopping by!

Jana xoxo